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Dream World

After a long horrific night.
All by myself,
In the Dream World.
I woke shaking, sobbing.
Dream World?
That sounds like a vision,
Of sweetness and light.
One that I would gladly welcome.
But no, I suffered in the darkness,
Of the freakish, shadowy World
Of Darkness.

I wandered the stark naked hall.
Guided by a single light,
Coming from an open door.
Cautiously peeking in,
I saw you lying on rumpled sheets,
Staring at me.
Surprise registered on your face.
Alarm widened your eyes.
I pushed the door a little wider,
Stepped in.
Saw, you were not alone.

The world collapsed,
Taking me with it.
Forcing me to the ground.
I felt the knife of despair
Sink its teeth into my soul
Rip my heart asunder.
Leaving a jagged gapping hole.
Slowly, as the Dream World turns,
You inched your way to my side.
Spat harsh words of hate in my face.
And then I cried.

A scream welled up from my being,
Lodging in my chest.
Nausea arrived in waves.
Bringing bile to my throat.
I was drowning in the dark Dream World.
I tried to reach you, touch you.
But you turned away.
Embraced another ---
A smile upon her face.
You closed the door,
And was 'spirited' away.

As I stumbled in the dark,
Searching for you, weeping your name.
Your words echoed in my mind.
'A new life has begun for me.
I've found another.
My love for you is through!
Get lost! Get away!
It's over, me and you!"
"IT'S A NIGHTMARE!" I gasped.
Screaming over and over and over!

Shaking, sobbing I woke.
Hugging myself hard,wispering,
"Just a nightmare."
But still, the tears fell.
The heart still ached.
I still heard the words,
That ripped the life from me.
Crying softly," How can I go on?
After all we've been?
Lovers, mates, friends.
Now you've spurned me?"

If EVER you said your love was through.
That you had found another.
If you could EVER be so cruel.
Then I would call to Death.
"Come, claim me, be merciful.
Be merciful and swift."
If EVER it were true.
You had stopped loving me.
I'm not afraid of being alone.
I'm afraid of being alone,
Without you.

Assure me in the safety of your arms.
Nothing in your heart has changed.
Stroke my cheek with your gentle hand.
Whisper softly my name.
Tell me, show me,
You love me the same.
Chase this nightmare,
Into the shadows...
Blow it away...
Tell me you'll love me,
All our days.


More By  :  Roberta Lee Wilcox

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