Theme: Depression

Back from The Brink

I was lost to the world.
I have come back.
But I am limping.
I started wondering why I got lost.
Is it because the world did not want me?
Or is it because I did not want this world?
But surely I wanted the world badly!
It is actually "they have put this world in such a bad shape"
That I felt I could not reclaim it reasonably.
From the days of adolescence to this day of pre-old
Have I not tried my best and hoped
"One day everything will be all right"!
But alas, every one of them who you gave benefit of doubt has betrayed you.
Most met their peril no doubt but that was not what you wanted.
So the only option left was
"Desert the world that deserted you".
But hold, all said and done,
You could not betray a handful who looked upto you and you could not pain them.
Could you?
So here I am back holding the last vestiges of sanity.
Or else, the world would not have a chance!


More By  :  Sharbaaniranjan Kundu

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Comments on this Poem

Comment Dear David M Gunson, thanks for your response. Actually, what happens is a crisis of confidence. When one looses grips of what one traditionally clung to, one falls in a vacuum. Everything is relative. Often betrayals cause such sense. The wise thing to do is buy time and pray. New shoots spring up in no time. Life seems so beautiful then. Thanks again.

Sharbaaniranjan Kundu
10-Jun-2013 00:27 AM

Comment Thank you Sharbaaniranjan Kundu. I too have stood on that cliff's edge and wondered "Is it worth it?" I too have stepped back because of the love and loyalty of others. Is this not a message to be heeded? As long as there is a single thread to hold on to, grasp it with all your might.

Thank you.

Death neither comes too early nor too late but always in its own time.

09-Jun-2013 21:31 PM

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