Theme: Friendship

Friend - God's Emissary

Mind lingering with thoughts of loneliness
My sleep that night was all in a mess
Not so deep, filled with many dreams
One by one it’s memories of past scenes

One after another, it’s very clear now
From my birth, He started the show
Each scene certainly started to engulf
Was I in the dream, speaking to myself?

You gave me… Knowledge and no one to acknowledge
You gave me… Individuality and left me as an individual
You gave me... Worth and not a one to say I am worthy
You gave me… Everyone and not anyone to fill Your void

Suddenly I saw, the Director of my dream, the One with the halo
Impressed with me thus He said, “I give you a boon my little fellow”
Dumb I was and astonished, couldn’t speak and stayed spellbound
Built courage slowly and uttered, “I am still stunned is it You around? “

Thanks my Lord! For such a caring and wonderful childhood
Amidst pleasures and adventures a memorable student-hood
Then you united me with my filly who was full of promise
In her lovely company from the start till date nothing I miss

I always have her company and she is with me
All my requirements she’ll always be there to see
And all her aspirations fulfilled without a plea
We are one at every instance and not she and he

Oh Lord! You never denied me of anything, I have everything
Don’t know why? My throat goes sore and I’m unable to sing
Though You gave me with all kindness the complete family ring
Not one to me a true confidant or to anyone I am able to cling

You are a witness to my complete life my Lord!
You showered your love all through my God!
I miss Your company and it makes me sad
Now I request “be with me and bless this lad”

I understood you my child and to my children I shall never recant
Though I am in you and physically with you, you understand
I can’t Choose a one from the Terra, the one who compensates all your wants
I shall gift him to you my dear, even if he is one of the best crafted savants

I realized what I was asking, and then I put my ambition in a clear voice
Please describe all those things that You accomplish, to make us rejoice
I shall then choose from the men around, the one nearest to all Your deeds
Join us then, to make our life the best music from the most melodious reeds

The Creator opined with me and immediately started to reveal
To begin with soft, stern and every heart around him he should steal
Not mixing any of his personal feelings only for you he should feel
No carelessness but the care that is given should be ideal and real

His respect to you should be true and clear but never artificial
Any loss of yours he should always feel for him too it is colossal
With you, always true and never in dream should he be casual
His fingers should point to correct you when it’s really beneficial

In trouble, He who feels it is his and not your moment of crisis
With all support for the occasion he will be the first who rises
He who expects a pat and nothing in favor such as gifts or prizes
And a little love from you for he has taken for you all those bruises

He who preserves your individuality and safeguards your identity
He who has a patient ear to hear your views and still be canty
He who has a loud tongue to condemn when you aren’t clear
He who halves your sorrow and doubles your joy through a tear

He who feeds you to satisfaction by knowing your hunger
He who eases out all your useless moods, temper and anger
He who knows your wants and don’ts for you to live longer
He who knows completely to make you mightier and stronger

I create them regularly for children like you with My machinery
And for all this I already have a word coined in your dictionary
“Friend” he is called as he is named by people of My missionary
I shall grant him to you my child, he is My emissary and a visionary

I woke up fresh after the beautiful show, from my sleep
Woke up to respond to a sharp music of a sweet beep
None else it’s the same, ’my friend’ whom I was dreaming about
And to my joy there is no end when in company of this true devout
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More By  : Prof. Siva Prasad Peddi

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Comments on this Poem

Comment Thank You rajagopal
After a long time...

Very happy

23-Feb-2011 13:18 PM

Comment sir,
your poems are touching the heart and are quite lively. now after going through the poem stanza by stanza my Mind is lingering with thoughts of past scenes
and the poem written by madam madhavi garu just justice touches the humane and enlightens every unblind. expecting a reply
rajagopal bulusu
kavitha degree college,

rajagopal bulusu
23-Feb-2011 12:29 PM

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