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The Blazing Sun

At the rise of Dawn,
At the setting of Dusk,
When the sun is seen,
As a red magnificent ball,
With streaks of red rays,
Sparkling all over the sky,
Then you wonder,
That the heaven,
With all its glory,
Has come before you,
To reveal its presence,
To make us wonder,
You continuously gaze at it in wonder,
So beautiful in its splendor,
And so rare,
A sight to behold,
Only at Dawn,
Or at dusk,
So extraordinarily beautiful,
That it appears,
As if Heaven,
In all its Glory,
Is unfolding,
Its brightness before you,
At Kanyakumari,
Where three oceans meet,
This wonderful sight,
Is beheld by all,
As the rising of,
A Goddess
Before the people,
From the Deep,
They gather in prayer,
From far and near,
To receive the blessing,
From the Goddess,
Who rises early at Dawn;
And sinks late at Dusk;
To the bottomless depths,
A mystery, indeed, far beyond,
The average human intelligence  


More By  :  Jayaprakash Raghavan Pillai

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