Theme: Apathy

There She Blows

There she blows,
A magnificent species seen,
Only in the deepest ocean,
In the midst of the fathomless depth,
Merrymaking in solitude,
The largest marine mammal known,
The blue colour dazzling,
To the brightness of the sea;
The sun’s rays hit the tumultuous uproar of the waves,
And the rising of its gigantic frame sky-high,
As it dives deep into the depth,
Producing a roaring sound, 
Echoed for miles around,
Water jets out like an internal combustion engine,
From its inward nostrils,
As though from a geyser.
The gay frolicking of this monstrous creature,
Camouflaging by the deep blue sea,
A sight indeed, stupendous to behold;
The outward exhibition of its joyousness,
Holds back the throes of its inner struggle,
“The struggle for existence”,
That had it been human,
With a sense to feel as a human,
This dumb creature,
Would have expostulated,
Man’s insatiable greed,
That brought it on the verge of extinction,
That the world would have been stunned!
To observe the tears fall ceaselessly from its eyelid.  
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More By  :  Jayaprakash Raghavan Pillai

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