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In Pursuit of The Ultimate Truth

The Greatest Truth lies beyond us,

In a region yet far from our imagination it lies,

Hidden under a delusion,

A camouflage of Truths,

That seems to create a sense,

Of perplexity within me,

As the Truth of Life,

That seems to haunt me,

The peak of my youthful inexperience,

In the past not licentiate

Enough to unveil an imperfection,

Noted of Life deciphered,

From the ages untold,

Vaguely misapprehended,

From imperceptible truths flooded,

In my inquisitive mind,

That is laboriously striving forward,

To achieve the unattainable;


Reminiscence of my misgivings seem baseless,

Demystifies my turbulent mind,

To follow the path of Faith,

Broadly hinted in the Holy Scriptures;

Adverse statements,

Inflame public protests,

Such inexplicable Truth of life,

Fathomless as the Pacific Ocean,

Electrifies my senses,

Rippling to an ecstasy,

As the rippling blue waves of the ocean,

Nature unveils its mystery and wonder before me,

The approaching Dawn at Sunrise,

And the Sinking sun,

In the evening,

Unfold the Heavens,

In all its splendor in the sky,

That I’m held in wonder;

The golden rays signifies,

The Almighty’s Presence,

Felt in Nature’s beauty revealed.

I have miles and miles to travel,

Before I reach the Truth.



More By  :  Jayaprakash Raghavan Pillai

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