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Dreaming of Christmas

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There are magic illusions,
Sweet hosannas, religious fantasies,
Which emerge and recede
With a sleigh of hand,
A litany or an intonation:
Even a perfume
Or a crepe crumpled skirt
Can do the wonder,
Leading to the beleaguered tabernacle,
The cloistered manger.

The enchantment matches
The sweet supplication
Of both instinct and inspiration grows
After the adeste fidelis,
After the general intercession,
After the offertory of Jesu Rex admirabilis
That jingles in velveteen offering bags
Suspended from hardwood handles,
After the choir’s heartfelt rendition
That releases the residual
Make-believe world of winter rituals
With cards, silver buntings, evergreen trees,
Cake ingredients, new apparel,
And after the plaintive Alma redeptoris mater
And the Gloria, in excelsis Deo!

The spell grows beyond
The ecumenism of shared spirituality,
Beyond denominational brotherhood,
Beyond Judaic, Christian and Islamic affirmation,
Beyond interfaith pluralism,
Beyond laissez faire meltdown, recidivist terrorism,
It extends beyond a sybaritic life
Cluttered with memorabilia,
Beyond the entreaties of words, music and silent orisons,
Into a world of sortilege and sharing.


More By  :  Mukesh Williams

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