Theme: Relaxation

In Touch With Nature


A soothing touch overflowed

My veins as a cool breeze,

Fanned my half naked body,

As I lay beside a palm tree,

The tree so majestic in appearance,

And, so cooling from the hot temperature,

I had felt as the blazing sun,

Scorched the place near my feet.


Looking up, the sun was beheld,

Right above at a right angle,

Blinding me as I gazed at its power,

A white ball that made me blink,

And withdrew my eyes

From the penetrating stare,

It seemed to challenge me,

“Stare at me if you dare!”


I focussed my gaze on the sea,

The splashing of the foamy waves,

As the tides rushed ashore,

The blueness of the sea,

At times green and sometimes white,

Thrilled my inner sense,

To feel I’m merged as one,

With the sea as my home,

How often has it struck me?

That a home close to the sea,

Would wrap me up with nature.


The fishermen set out at dawn,

Even before the red ball rises at the horizon,

Their boats steered towards the ocean,

Their wives waving to them,

Their hands raised in the direction,

Of the rising sun,

In prayer for an overwhelming catch,

Of fish, their food for life.


More By  :  Jayaprakash Raghavan Pillai

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