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Just Think

Let us not de-link  
in our delight of triumph
the Sky from the Earth,
deface the Moon from the features
of a /fju:/ture Universe and
incite the cherry blood of Emotion
to swallow the mercury of Reason
and make the Sun lame
and the Moon dumb
and the Earth limp-jump
on her crutch
to meet a Mushroom Fate.
Let us think just
so that this kind
of everlasting peace
that was heard as its Swan song
in the year the Munich Pact was signed,
does not stand as a dodo
at our doors – as a reminder of
our passion for destruction –
Let us think
as one – before were
turned in2 sands
dotted with the sticky specks
of Composition B      
Let us think
2gether – b4 our Channel 5-smelling shirts
owe a shroud of dust
to the streets of the beautiful
polythene-flowered spring of
a birdless and budless petulance
of the dirt-
free cities
b4 u jump
to conclusions
before our eyes
and ears and the power
to think go into 
the last pace of peace
with no abilities to /si:/,
hear, and feel and shed tears
Just THINK….


More By  : Prof. Dr. Anil K. Prasad

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