Theme: Crime

Recollect! Reconstruct! Reiterate! Resolve!

For the Moon,
You sang aloud.
You sincerely tried
From depth you cried
Yelled and got tired
You stopped to argue
It’s not yours,
Therefore, you withdrew.
…Aspiring for unreachable heights you are bound to fall.

For the Fire,
You jumped on it
And the heat,
You couldn’t resist.
From then,
Never did you insist.
It would hurt,
You learnt to exist
…Jumping at hasty conclusions you would burn your fingers.

During childhood…
All the things you wanted,
Any wish or toy as a boy.
You were always granted.
And you were full of joy,
Possessed and relished them all,
Sweet memories now you recall
…You aspired for everything and were contented with what you got.

When you are a kid
For your good
Your parents can
What they can
They couldn’t
What they can’t
They did
What they could
They didn’t
What they shouldn’t
…Distinction between good and bad is thought by parents.

Till now…
You did
What you could
All for your good
You are now grown
You are on your own
For, you should be known
Not to let yourself down

Though I am one
What can be done?
As this society is mine
Its value shouldn’t decline
Should I resort to crime and sin?
Or be contented from within
And learn to live like a happy man
For it, do I really require a gun?

You can
What you can
You should
What you should
You shouldn’t
What you can’t
Want is a temporary unrest
Learn to withdraw your quest


More By  : Prof. Siva Prasad Peddi

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