Theme: Surrender

The Encounter

A lion roaming in his jungle domain,

Chanced to see an astonishing sight;

A strange magnificent creature never before seen,

Striding up the jungle terrain,

Towards him with determined steps,

Beauty, that was of such excellence,

Than any in the jungle,

So massively built in size,

Sinewy arms, shoulders wide,

And the golden-yellow stripes of the creature,

Dazzled the king’s eyes to a wonder,

Never before experienced;


The creature advancing stared at him,

Emitting a deep throated growl,

That seemed to freeze the jungle;

The king of the forest, as he believed,

Felt confused,

That such a thing could happen,

The king, spreading out his mane,

In defiance,

Opened his jaws wide,

Exposing his powerful teeth,

And uttered a terrible blood-chilling roar,

That shattered the peace of the jungle;


Both circled each other,

Intent on wrecking havoc,

Neither giving in,

The king, proud and majestic,

The other, unyielding,


The king gave in;

The stranger was none other,

Than the Majestic Lady,

The Tigress, Queen of the forest,

In her realm,

Who had wandered,

And lost her way in the deep jungle;

The Queen, then, continued her way,

Knowing that no peace,

Could exist,

Between two denizens,

That had nothing in common...



More By  :  Jayaprakash Raghavan Pillai

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