Theme: Enigma


Why must divinity, always –
be confined within human bounds
of birth and death;
pain and suffering,
every time It must come to teach us, the power of LOVE?

Jesus, Krishna, Rama and Buddha!
Why must we humans be so privileged,
that His essence may only reach us
within confines of mortal flesh
to spread His Light, we seek so hard??

And why do we need to be reminded,
so often and with such force?
That we are all ... every single one of us,
children of that very same GOD?

Why must those who CAN love so well,
pass more tests than those who won't?
Why must the lotus grow in a bed of filth?
Why must a rose, the symbol of love ..
need its mantle of thorns??


More By  :  Rohini Ranjan

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