Theme: Freedom

Grandfather and I

“Swaraj’ is my birthright, and I shall have it.”
Is there any age limit? To attain it automatically!
I am a primary school lad,
And I want freedom from my grandpa,
He decides my stature, that puts me to disorder,
And I am afraid of my future.
He expects me to be perfect,
And I don’t think, it is correct!
Or in the past, anyone made it?
Even, my granddad didn’t follow it.
Then how can he anticipate it? From me, to pursue it.
Eventually, I started lying with vigor,
In order to escape from his anger,
And to fulfill my desires, along with my admirers.

That particular weekend,
Regional programme revealed,
Transmitting of a good old picture.
On hearing it, my granddad’s posture, stimulated with pleasure.
On seeing it, I got tension, particularly with its diction.
With this kind of irritation, Monday morning,
I should be ready for action!
How can I handle it with optimism?
Hence, I decided with conviction,
For a little relaxation,
To go for a scenic flick, along with my sidekicks,
Temporarily, disrupting my education,
All this, to come out of Sunday’s depression.

My Master reached my grandpa to my surprise,
To enquire about his wellness,
And to praise my warmheartedness,
For taking leave on compassionateness.
Grandpa exclaimed with loudness,
On hearing this newsworthiness,
And started his search for my presence,
And aptly caught me at the theatre entrance!
Oh, God!
“Swaraj’ is my birthright, and I shall have it.”


More By  :  Ramesh Anand

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