Theme: Journey

A Sea Voyage

For seven long days;

The ocean liner sailed;

On the deep seas;

That stretched miles & miles;

Endless as far as the eye;

Could reach;

The vast sea appears to reach;

The heaven almost to touch;

Scarcely a blot of land;

To be seen for miles around;

The sea dazzling one’s eyes;

In the sun’s rays;

To a magnificent blue;

Dark blue, the color I love;

With a mixture of white;

As brightness that dazzles;

From above;

The sea so wonderful to behold;

A sight to epitomize;

A pleasure derived;

From the inner state;

An enthusiasm to ease;

A burden felt in harness;


At times;

The sea changes color;

Turns violent in a stormy weather;

Tossing the huge Liner,

As waves lashed;

Monstrously against the deck side;

Foamy waves sprayed;

All over for a split second;


The moment land is sighted;

An outcry arises from the crowd;

In the ocean liner;

A joy unexpressed;

Long been disgusted;

With water, water all around.




More By  :  Jayaprakash Raghavan Pillai

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