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Dreams Unfulfilled

by Subhajit Sarkar
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Far fetched goals and sky-high ambitions,
Mind contemplating, on this impossible mission.
Practical feasibility, is a big question,
"Dreams" appears to be the only solution.

All unreachable desires get fulfilled,
taking us to a journey, which we long cherished.
Unseen Land and ruthless Seas,
Long stretched colorful farmlands seen only in memories.
Living in Palaces, standing high without fear,
despite subjected to natural calamities every year.
An isolated Hill Station, with all modern amenities,
A garden house, with fresh and juicy fruits as its delicacies.
Ivory coast with an overlooking mountain range,
I am sun bathing, wondering what a mind blowing change.

Reserve forests full of wild animals,
me sitting as an in charge of all Reptiles and Mammals.
Riding the Elephant in royal stride,
carrying a baby Tiger, with its mother on my side.
Making two Lions live in the same territory,
Snake and Mongoose have become friends already.
Shot are those men who disturb the peace;
Animals are carefully protected free from this menace.
Each of their movements is well understood;
finally all human beings have become their dearest friend for good.

Old and weak are given proper treatment,
the entire society serves, without being hesitant.
Inferiority complex have seized to exist,
everyone embracing each other,
keeping racial discrimination in the back seat.

Cruise Liners lined up for only middle class passengers;
Elite class here appears to be strangers.
All enthusiastic about a joy ride,
in reality, see them in magazines or movies
mentally enjoying the sight.

With passing night our dreams fade,
Dawn brings it to a dead end.
When will such World come into existence,
Mind pondering, heart simply giving assurance.
But without dreams life has no meaning,
it acts like a driving force, always keeping us pro-active.     


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