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On Love

This is a song on love
The progenitor of life,
The primary and final cause of life,
The story of all that lives,
The history of male and female
Of man and woman,
Of you and me.

Our parents gave it to us
As their parents gave it to them,
Since the beginning of that change
When the Non living became the Living
By the Genesis of genetical code
Capable of creating countless forms,
In water, on land, and in the air.

Myriads of magnificent manifestations
Of awe-inspiring beauty,
Stunning, scintillating and sublime beauty,
Devised, designed and destined
For a life of everlasting love.

This love Is all embracing
It has many characteristics
You begin to learn it from the moment of birth,
You get it from mother and father,
Brothers and sisters,
Family and friends.

As time pass and you pass through moments of growth
You are exposed to it, you receive it,
And you learn, as if by instinct
To return it, to reciprocate.
This long process of give and take
This living exercise of mutual love
Makes you grow to earn love
And to give love which you know is hard to measure
Since growth never stops and you grow with love.

Genes generate growth
And as you grow more
More and more love enters your life
Neighbors and strangers offer their love
You become a member of a multitude,
A colony, a place, places, countries and continents.

You have come thus far through
Love of parents, of brothers and sisters,
Of family members, of neighbors
Of many members or all members of the population.
This is general, common to your habit,
Your habitat, your nature and your individuality.

THEN – a moment arrives
WHEN you can never know
You never plan it, you can’t program it
It arrives by itself spontaneously always
That moment comes unexpected
May be when you are at school or college
May be when you are at a class or a place of work
Or at a park or a restaurant.

You find face to face
With a person of your opposite sex,
May be a person you have not met before,
May be a person you see every day,
May be the same person you have known for years
But never knew this was the person of the moment,
Or it could be a totally strange person.

The discovery of this person creates
An emotional obsession to see the person
again and again,
to know the person more and more.
Why this particular person on that particular moment
And why no other person and no other moment
Nobody can ever answer.

You feel the initial inflammation,
Inside your entire being
This haunting feeling follows you like a shadow
Even in darkness, in dreams,
You can see that person even with your eyes closed.

The most auspicious, the most decisive moment,
The greatest of all moments of your whole life so far
HAS ARRIVED – inside yourself
In the holy shrine of your mind
The lamp of libido is lit
You are in love
The love of all loves
Different from all other loves
Stranger than all of them
  -   This is ecstasy staying live.
       Day and night, weeks and months,
It cannot be for long,
The code of genes on this stage of life, this moment of life
Is all commands, demanding immediate compliance
None can violate that command of genetical code

So you meet the person of all persons
In person with all your assets,
The strongest of which is your passion,
Towards that person you are meeting at that moment.
And in words or deeds incomplete, inadequate
You manage to convey your desire, your destiny.
And you succeed because you are revealing
The testament of your passions
Intended for that particular person only
The testimony of your emotion
The truth in your being as it exists
As it is encoded in your heart
In your mind, in your brain
In all parts and cells of your body.

Then the story of love,
Generations like it before, repeats.
You become parents, families,
Like millions before you
Like millions that are to follow in future
For this is the destiny that was
Being devised, designed and demonstrated
Since genetical code entered the non living to make it living
Since the matter, chemicals became
Proteins that produced the paraphernalia of progenies
To become male and female
To become man and woman
To proclaim the everlasting truth
The ultimate living truth
To tell the story of their love
To sing the songs of their love.

This is the story of existence
The celebration of life
The saga of biological survival
Is in this sanctity of love
In the perpetuation of love
Surpassing time and space.
Love enables you to live even after death
In the memory of those who loved you
In the memory of those whom you loved
Memory is the stuff that makes legends
Out of ordinary beings making them
Characters of fairy tales.



More By  :  Bhadran Kesavan

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