Theme: God

Present, Yet Non-existent

In the puzzle of axioms
life rides high, we pass
from points to points,
from milestones to milestones
without knowning how and why...
A point, the teacher tells in the school,
has no dimensions - no width and no length,
apparently non-existent, yet present.
So is an imaginary number -
a mere concept, non-existent,
yet present to explain a complex system.
And how about time?
It pervades the whole space,
yet who can touch it?
Who can feel it, who can store it?
Perhaps doesn't exist, yet present...
On a non-existent canvas of time
who is the artist to paint us so real,
has given us a heart to fill with love
and vision to view His treasure-trove!


More By  : Dr. Kumarendra Mallick

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