Theme: Spirituality

A Plea

Destroy me completely, Lord Shiva
so that the distance between us
ceases to exist
A distance between lovers
that misunderstanding created
Maya, the spec of dust
that entered my eye ..
just before our lips meet
destroying what could've been an eternal embrace
to the urgency of NOW – the biggest illusion!

Some are drawn to the sweet siren song of Krishna
but I've taken to the booming NAAD of your damaroo
take my soul unto you O' my Lord, and make me non-existant
make my ego, my ME something that even I not care about
make me a witness, an observer again ..
for I have learned my lesson, Mahakaal
the illusion of participation catches my breath no more!

The remnants of flesh and desires that I still possess
and even rationalize as being gifts from you!
Take them away too,
and relieve me from the burden of carrying my cross
that is really the dead body of my ego,
the dead body that was never ME!

Destruction ... total and ABSOLUTE
is not really all that final
if you realize the fact
that He who wields the final axe
must continue to exist beyond...
the destruction
simply to recreate
perfection, yet again!


More By  :  Rohini Ranjan

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