Theme: Admiration

Living under One Sky

by Prof. Dr. Anil K. Prasad
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Heavy on the heart,
If it is then remove it
With a sneeze or
With a feeling of fun
Of a sheer joy of
Living under one sky; both of you;
Sapphire-feathered birds singing in the
Open, and I, singing de-claustrophobic hymns
Together - with -once unfamiliar faces; stern
Firm silent faces of indefinite drifts
Until we get settled on the waves;
On the shores off
The cerulean Mediterranean resembling 
Shining neckline of Neelkantha
Accepting with a smile
The poison chalice
Without any malice
But this is in our
Blood what is new is--
Every moment, bit by bit
The soft honey-drops of
Peace shall fill the vessel
Of life preparing us
For a deeper tranquility tensed
Up for another journey of the soul
Unburdened by this extra heaviness
Redundant in its abundance and
When voiced hits the eardrums
With a blank bang
This hit will empty the soul
Of its honey-content and
Then my leaves, already started
Turning yellow
Will fall out of a sheltering
Tree where cuckoos will be
Dumb devoid of their sweet voice
Moving their dumb eyes
Scattered on the horizon
For an approving silent flight
Into the unknown
Where there is no I
And you and me
And the worldly sense of language
And the meaning which we need to unlearn
Of its centuries of redundancies
In the name of our conventions and culture
And both of you
Give a nice tasty
Feeling of a
Well-prepared pulusu
Ingredients balanced, buoyant over
The basics of salt and jaggery and
With the sea green drumsticks
In the yellow curry seasoned with
The tiny eternity of mustard seeds
So light and refreshing and auspicious
Fair-haired golden turmeric soaring;
Un- surfeiting of a feeling
Like the moving melody
That is so hard
To define...
(Note: Pulusu is a popular dish of the state of Andhra Pradesh in India. It is a stew-like assortment of vegetables with a sweet-sour tangy flavor. ) 


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Comment The first part of the poem fills the vessels(Soul) with happiness and the Later part so delicately described that it is very appetizing in r description: a mouth-watering description.

02-Feb-2011 13:08 PM

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