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Tumultuous Nile

These days you just take a glance at the news and pass over.
Very few news are worth reading.
Most news are as if to mortify your soul.
So when news of Egypt erupts,
you do no more than make a casual reading of the news.

Are we not wary of West Asia after decades of conflict?
But Egypt kept on making news. But it sounded different this time.
There is cheer the Dictator has finally gone.
But to a distant observer, Nasser, Sadat and Mubarak have all been good people.

From non-aligned to America inclined, whatever, but good.
An old civilization has always has its plus points.
It showed in the last uprising. Some in Egypt envy democracy of India.
Hopefully, it will come to Egypt too now.
There is talk about possible hand of America in future set up.
But has not America changed?
The Europeans are making way to the Africans, the Chinese, the Indians and others.

And which nation will not see one's own interest?
I have seen impeccable people wasted calling them CIA agent.
Give everybody a chance.
So many people love the American way but hate its politics.
But you have to take both together: the good and the bad.
To be counted you have to contribute.
An old civilization Egypt hopefully will
show the way mingling the old with the new,
and how Islam can coexist in the multi-religious world peacefully.


More By  :  Sharbaaniranjan Kundu

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