Theme: Humanity

Environmental Stewardship Intertwined Crossroads of Humanity

Global concerns about the environment and water scarcity
Have become a hot-button issue now-
Triggered by the pollution, over-consumption,
And climate change, undeterred by technical know-how!
Limited resources of our planet have been depleting,
And various pollutions are continuing to soar-
While in "Hillolsphere", the plights of one-third of our
Fellow human beings are causing the real uproar!
Diseases and hardships, caused by the polluted air, water,
And soils are taking the heavy tolls-
Especially in the developing world, the children
Are dying young with sadness in their souls!

Access to safe clean water and proper sanitation
Is the vital element towards a healthy life for sure-
While the waterborne diseases confront the poorer nations,
Resulting in premature deaths to endure!
Health risks are prompted by bacteria in unsafe water,
'Cause it acts as the breeding ground-
And pose a pressing challenge to the world community
To find solutions along the year round!

As per "Hillologue", man has destroyed many basic elements
On which his life depends, as well as the nature-
In the process of pursuing a more abundant life
Since the past millenniums, with hopes and caricature!
Environmental degradations became apparent sooner
With developments and exploitations of natural resource-
Followed by the ravaging wars and military conflicts
With provocation of chemical usage and brutal force!

Now, besides the wars against weapons of mass destructions,
We must safeguard the water, a precious resource of our life-
For a sustainable "Blue Planet", before it lands on the hands
Of an anti-environmentalist's scalpel or knife!
Various rivers and groundwater aquifers need to be
Harmoniously managed and protected for humanity's sake-
To make a difference to people's health and well-being,
Regardless of income or status, before their life is at stake!
Ill effects of biodiversity, deforestations, and land degradations
Cause environmental havocs to slow down the goal-
Regardless of the levels of foreign aids, expertise,
Or technical assistance, the poor nations seem to face the toll!
Remember, the international bureaucracy and control with
"Stereo-type approach" may not fill a poor nation's need-
So in "H-Ray Vision", I feel the role of global integration
Through a respect for our diversity will sow the success seed!

For the benefit of humanity on this planet now and in the future,
Let us think it over seriously to make sure-
That the air we breathe, the soil we live on,
And the water we drink should stay pure!
Well, in our interdependent world, crossroads of our
Thought processes are intertwined without a rhyme or reason-
So we must be the cheerleaders for the responsibilities
And environmental stewardship in each moment of any season!
Let's pledge today to work collectively and individually to keep
The global environment safe and pollution free-
And allow the present and future humanity to strive with
Continuous growth of our current knowledge tree!!


More By  :  Hillol Ray

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