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Failed Coup

The rabbit, a man scared off the glade on his morning walk,
attacked and tickled him to death. Their leader shouted:
"Today, the forest tomorrow the world, we are not scared
by man or beast anymore. Flushed by success the leader
ordered a morning raid on the nearest village, he wouldn't
listen to wiser rabbits that didn't think it was a good idea.
It was a bloodbath, dogs are not ticklish nor cars or sturdy
farmers with shotguns, the rabbits' leader ordered retreat
left his fallen comrades behind and the village feasted.
Deflated the rabbits met in the glade where a noble rabbit
of the famed Leporidae family explained that being scared is
not cowardice but survival technique it allows them to live
and breed. "We are not cowards, but gregarious burrowing
mammals" became a new slogan; soon the forest was full of
happy rabbits and sweet bunnies that quickly run off when
hearing man or barking dog, and live to breed another day
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More By  :  Jan Oscar Hansen

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