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Love Thy Neighbour ?

Delicately carved
from the heart of our hearts,
we bestowed you with
a chunk of our secular soul
and you called it a ‘Celestial Land
Ostensible theocracy you practiced,
yet hatred you preached in the name of religion!
We gifted you with the ‘cradle of civilization
but a crib of terrorism, you transformed into -
tainting it with your unholy tirade!
While our sunny smiles flashed messages
of love and brotherhood,
you made us shed crimson tears of grief!
With messages of mindless massacre
you tarnished the intact history of mankind!
Our pleas for peace boomeranged
from your deaf ears, unheard!
Our ‘Paradise on earth’ was desecrated
with your indoctrinated cloak-and-dagger crusade
of communal fanaticism.
In your hostile insanity,
thrice you invaded our sovereignty
yet we treated you with ‘velvet gloves’!
With wide open arms,
we welcomed your individuals
to shine in our Bollywood skies,
to share the platform with our lively legends,
to perform in stars-studded shows
midst our stupendous entertainers,
to play dazzling day-and-night cricket matches
witnessed by our cricket-crazy, cheery crowds
while you blatantly betrayed our trust
triggering bomb blasts and fanning sectarian violence,
training mercenaries of death
from your state-run camps of terror!
Rose-petals of our love we showered upon you,
but a treacherous dagger, you plunged in our back
drenching us in red rain of innocent blood!
Your alleged ‘fight against terror’ proved nothing but
merely hollow words, empty promises, lies and eyewash!
Unequivocally, you are the epicentre of terror, a ‘rogue state’
as all roads of world terror lead to you!
Exposed is the masquerade of your hostility
and your gruesome games of carnage
played on politically disguised chessboard will be over now.
as you are on the threshold of degenerated abyss.
Bear in mind that
until your scimitars of terror
turn into feathers of love!
we shall not believe in the commandment -
Love thy neighbour’          


More By  :  Bharat B. Trivedi

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Comments on this Poem

Comment Love can be shown to ordinary neighbours but not terrorists. After eliminating them all over the world, Love thy neighbour can be followed ! Such anti-social elements have no place in the human world to live ever!

T A Ramesh
07-Apr-2021 12:05 PM

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