Theme: Challenge

Walk with Cheer the Extra Mile


Be not scared to walk the extra mile,
Disregard the weariness and stress,
Make the angels in high heaven smile
And the Lord with great abundance bless.

As the extra mile road opens wide,
New horizons wink, not seen before,
Rarefying Spirit, soul and sight.
By experience superior.

New horizons, insights on this road
With perceptions and awareness new
Will the marching weary servant goad,
Well to see what's false and what is true.

Walk with smiles this extra kilometer.
To learn many things unknown before,
Feed the Spirit, and forget the letter.
And the good Lord will repay four-score.

Tell the lout compelling you to bear
On this extra mile his heavy pack:
'I am greatly honored, thank you Sir;
What great privilege Sir crackerjack!.

'Thank you for the honor, thank you Sir!,
For allowing me to shlep your stuff,
And your gear and gadgets to transfer,
Privilege - how can I thank enough?'
Walk with glad a heart the extra mile,
On some muddy road to glimpse and see
At a distance 'Excellence's Isle',
Excellence, - not Mediocrity.

Jesus walked so many an extra mile,
When He taught and healed in Galilee.
Churls and louts, some young and some senile
Were the Savior's thrilling company.

Be a champion, - walk the extra mile!
With good cheer and spunk courageously,
And contrast it the wimpish wile.
Of Monsieur or dame complaisancy.

Walk the extra mile friend when required,
By the fop with snobbish a profile,
Even when your feet are sore and tired,
And the lout lacks breeding, tact and style.
Shlep the fellow's pack this extra mile,
Grateful for a condescending nod,
Thank the dull Enforcer with your smile,
For a cheerful servant pleases God.

Matthew 5:41


More By  :  Elizabeth Dandy

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