Theme: Tiredness

Familiarity Breeds Contempt

They have lamplight here in this street were few people
walk after five, safe for the man who has to take his dog
for a walk, the dog knows the man has too and enjoys
this brief sense power, pull on its lead forcing the man
to walk faster then his heart likes.

A plastic seat under a lamp, I'm so very tired, have been
walking for forty years. I when my wife died, she didn't
live long- no children- there weren't anything to keep me
at home. After some time some I noticed a man following
me he had nothing else to do and latched on to me.

A plastic chair, you could think that after all this years I
deserve something better than a sweaty backside on
a chair made of oil shit. 'I've nowhere to sit,' said the man
who made it his life worth to follow me around. I didn't
answer for the simple reason, I couldn't care less.

'For forty years I have been coming here and hoped that
something dramatic would happen like you would fall
under a bus.' 'No such luck I'm your annoying brother
and I always do the right thing only crossing the road at
Zebra crossings.

There was a speeding truck noisy brakes, I didn't look back.
I sit on a plastic chair under a street light and read lines from
a play I wrote forty years ago, my bum aches, have called
my brother cell phone there is no answer


More By  :  Jan Oscar Hansen

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