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Families, The Technology Traps

Rapid developments of global communications
Are at the forefront to change our lives fast-
Followed by technological advancements to ensure
The wildest possibilities for the mankind to last!
The type of future society we have to live in
Will be determined by the choices we all make now-
While the well being of families and communities
Will play a central role with technical know-how!

Impacts of rapid technological change and
Diffusion on family will widely vary or change-
With a vision of the kind of society in which
Global citizens will thrive in a close-neat range!
Undoubtedly, the new technologies create
The potential for massive changes on the roles-
Of interactions of members, and formulate
Appropriate guidelines with millennium goals!
Improvements in the areas of education, communication,
And information are a crying need of the hour-
To expand employment, followed by the health
And social services through technology power!

Today, across the planet I can see, forces of change
Via technology are crossing into the family borders-
To alter the mode of living dramatically,
Through various channels for peace and orders!
Economic and military dimensions
Of technological impacts are also widely known-
Irrespective of the fabric of the family,
And its viability on history pages is neatly shown!

So the questions or concerns that cross my mind now
Are of serious nature with a global view-
And are looking for answers or solutions
For the remedies with their diversity or hue!
Technological change affects family unit
In any society, especially the toddlers and kids-
While it may offer needed stability and
Reference point in life to adults with creative deeds!
Changes driven by technology may impact
The relationship among family members, far and near-
By variable expectations and ability of each
To meet them now or throughout the year!

Living standards of millions of people and families
Have dramatically improved on many parts of the Earth-
Through technological developments and diffusions,
Compared to stone-age civilization and premature birth!
Reduction of poverty and improvement of health
With expansion of opportunity and global choice-
Followed by the provisions of access now to
Life-enhancing products echo the technological voice!
Improved educational opportunities for children
And status for women have been our basic gain-
Stemming from scientific impacts, with a greater security,
And time for pursuits of job or hobby won't end in vain!
Unfortunately, the advancements have negative effects,
And since the inceptions, they too are equally known-
In many ways, like changes in living accommodation
And working environment that are cleverly shown!
Displacement and dislocation along with erosion
Of reference points are among the main factors-
Created by technological change on the family
And society who are the witnesses as silenced actors!

It's evident that technology does not respect borders,
Blurring sovereignty, and identities as well-
And has the capacity to erode values or undermine
Lifestyles where the past may like to dwell!
Technology has an inner momentum to acquire its own
Dynamic rationale for a hefty price-
And creates greater awareness through dissemination
Of information, or acts as a buffer twice or thrice!
Control over technology and unwarranted intrusion
Have multifaceted dimensions for sure-
Via the mass media and available options
To the deserving families so that they can endure!
Satellite technologies contribute significantly
To overcoming impediments such as infrastructures and poles-
And have compensated through long-distance learning
To break the vicious circle of poverty roles!

Via "H-Ray Vision", with the promotion of and accessibility to
Communication technology, I can surely find-
That families and societies are moving upwards
To work with their hand, body, and mind!
Remember, lifelong learning must begin at home
Through the modern technology tool-
To enhance the reality and gainful employment
For the job seekers, and keep their tempers cool!
Care should be taken to address the dichotomy
Between an emerging "elite of information rich"-
And the "global mass of information poor",
Who can be educated to show them later how to teach!
Attention must be given to regional differences
With social class and stratification of age-
Followed by the elimination of "other" cleavages
In society that may cause the silent rage!

Technological innovations create "traps" for families,
And concurrently cause the family disintegration as well-
'Cause of the knowledge gaps among family members
To undermine the ability, and thoughts start to swell!
Advancement of telecommuting provides more flexible
And customized family-friendly work styles-
With the lessening of the requirements for attendance
At workstations and driving many miles!
Still the questions of intrusion of employer
In the home privacy must be considered first-
To avoid the potential destabilization
Of family integrity to quench the monetary thirst!
Technology can offer job opportunities to those
With disabilities or for some other reasons-
By providing technological devices for
A sustainable livelihood throughout the annual seasons!
Information technology can empower the families
With caring, nurturing or parenting needs-
And guard against the creation of perverse incentives
Before sowing the disintegration seeds!
The advent of Internet has changed family dynamics,
Relationships, and family roles-
While the ill effects from it are also well known
By affected morals and creation of the tolls!

Well, in "Hillolscope", the impact of technology on families
Is still an under explored topic with a positive foresight-
And may I hope to see more symmetrical and harmonious
Developments for the mankind's future bathed in light??


More By  :  Hillol Ray

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