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Eureka! Eureka!!

The star-lit night doesn't excite me,
As much as you do in my arms-
It's like the song of a blue robin
That brings my morning charms!
Nearness of you weaves all dreams,
To rekindle my adolescent flame-
And I feel the pull of an ebb tide
On you, dear, to put my claim!
My heart dances like a peacock does,
With the smell of impending rain-
'Cause you wipe away my sorrows,
Buried in the dusts of aches and pain!
I need no lights to see the clock,
Or enlighten me with fables in book-
Rather, the twinkles in your eyes
Tell me about you, and where to look!
Morning chats with you soothe my ears
In your mellow symphonic voice-
While my passion rises to hold you tight,
And thrashes me with a single choice!
You don't need to put on any make-up,
Or waste time to fix your curly hair-
'Cause the fragrance of our true love
Is spread on soil, water, and mountain air!
Ripples in the brook of my heart now
Relish the reflection of your smile-
And exclaim "Eureka! Eureka!!" in my sleep,
Even if you stepped out a while!!


More By  :  Hillol Ray

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