Theme: Humanity

Our Species Man

It is as one species we started out
from Africa, though some would stay behind,
and so the human race would stray throughout
the earth, to differentiate in kind:
According to climate and the terrain
human skin and features underwent change,
African dark, Asian tan, European
fair; in physiognomy, as wide a range.
Somehow the sameness in us all was being
converted to difference in type; yet, now
we clearly see where we went wrong, and in
our common world the differences allow.
They say it is education and books
widens the mind, so it has proved to be;
yet we cling to old ways, familiar looks,
maintain difference in nationality.
The experience of us being the same man
bogged down in details of citizenship,
it makes us different all over again,
though inexorable our relationship.
But from a view that’s far above us all
we have returned to where we began:
our common home the earth holds us in thrall;
as we started out is our species man.


More By  :  R. D. Ashby

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