Theme: Perspective

Is this World a Concert Hall ?

Before the darkness of the night
Recedes to the distant hills,
I sit in my balcony
to enjoy the enchanting silence,
but you, little one,
sitting on our mango tree,
occupying not even an inch
on the slender twig
to your heart’s content you start to sing,
shake the tree, set the tone
to fill the air with your morning magic!

When you complete your soft notes,
a cuckoo from a distant corner
soon takes over…
what melody, what ecstasy
you all pour in our ears!

Is this world a concert hall,
and the unseen director
conducts the orchestra
with his tiny artists
playing in unison flutes and piano,
violin, viola, cello, clarinet
and all together reach the crescendo

Enchanted and mesmerised,
we are transported to a fairyland,
at the end when the Conductor bows
in crimson robes a new day dawns...


More By  : Dr. Kumarendra Mallick

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