Theme: Spirituality

Deadly Tornadoes

Holy, Mighty and Immortal God!
See the tragedy and suffering,
So concerned with all your childrens' lot,
Now beneath dark death's angel's wing.

Hear the voices cry and supplicate,
That you bid a halt to Thanatos,
Bid the storm tornadoes to abate,
Halt the Prince of Death and bitter loss!.

Bid a halt to cruel Thanatos,
Devatating cities and fair land,
And be near especially to those
Who are stricken and whose heart is rent.

Hospitals and morgues are overfilled,
But the loved ones can not enter in
For a viewing of the dead and chilled,
To determine death of friend or kin.

Overwhelming is ths tragedy.
As the stricken people mourn and grieve,
Loss of loved ones, home and property,
Unperturbed by suffering is the Chief.

Cronies that neglect their job to do
But that people of a future rob,
On thier amguish these poor souls pursue
To cling to you Lord as did ancient Job.

Loss of means and goods and livelihood,
To oneself and dear onhes to sustain,
Only heaps of rubble - destitute
In grim deprivation, shock and pain.
Bless this good land Lord ,- good neighbors are
Generous,and kind,- their last they give,
Caring people come from near and far
To sustain the broken down with grief.

No one heeds the make or quality
Of the offered goods and useful stuff,
For a people struck with tragedy,
Frowns not at a modest gift of love.

Holy, mighty and immortal God !
Have mercy on these people that so smart,
Have pity on them all and leave them not,
And heal the stricken and their broken heart. 


More By  :  Elizabeth Dandy

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Comments on this Poem

Comment Dearest June!

Thank you for so welcome and comment and your emphasy for the many victims of this mass suffering.
God bless you abundantly

03-Jun-2011 05:00 AM

Comment Dearest Elizabeth, This is a truly heartfelt, beautiful prayer/poem, which puts into wise and caring words, throbbing with empathy, the devastation and the needs of the survivors before the throne of our Almighty God. Beautifully done, as always. God bless you. Love, June

03-Jun-2011 00:27 AM

Comment ED, how I love your poetry.
Heartfelt, and so true.
And I love you............

31-May-2011 18:33 PM

Comment A truly impassioned plea to God. There is great joy in the midst of suffering I have found, a sense of being lifted from the mundane and thrown into utter dependance on God our Father. It may sound contradictory and unsympathetic, but let us not make exception here to give thanks to God our Father in all times and places, and joy will overcome anxiety.

30-May-2011 21:08 PM

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