Theme: Destiny

But of That Day and Hour No One Knows

A look at the seven dozen predictions so far
One factor in common, none came true ever.

Five mass extinctions, Permian Triassic
Cretaceous-Tertiary, Late Devonian
End Triassic and Ordovician Silurian
None of them has ever come true.

The 2012 phenomenon comprises eschatological beliefs
That cataclysmic events may occur on Dec 21, 2012
To be end date a 5,125-year-long cycle in Mayan Calendar
Another predict we may undergo physical or spiritual transformation
A likely collision with passing planet NIBIRU or Black hole
Over two hundred predictions has failed so far
The year 2000 containing three zeros came and passed.
Fifteen more predictions failed in the year 2006.
Of all the predictions, none has ever come true.

But be patient, some symptoms caution us
Study of butterflies, birds, and plants suggest.
The earth on the brink of sixth mass extinction
As the species of plants and animals disappear
Concrete evidence insects disappear faster than birds.
And apocalyptic prediction for 2012-Dec-21 will too
Pass over and wait many prophecies for 2020s


More By  : Dr. Ram Mehta

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Comments on this Poem

Comment Thanks for the appreciation of my poem. 21st May has gone and 21 October too will go. Thanks

31-May-2011 07:21 AM

Comment The failure of every prediction of the end of the world is because the act of existence, which each of us participtes in, is sustained by the Divine, who alone knows the process that is determined by and leads to a conclusion. Thus no one can predict the end of days, but that it will occur, as your biblical title implies, when we least expect it to - when God's plan, not man's, is fulfilled; admittedly, a thing that requires faith. But the alternative of man making guesses at something infinitely greater than his capabilities permit is simply nonsensical.

30-May-2011 21:32 PM

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