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Father of the Nation

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Hello, Mahatma, please accept our deepest love and respect,
Your absence is truly unbelievable and really heartfelt.
We, the Indians, keep a "Special Spot" just for you,
'Cause your lessons are immortal and draw global view.
You achieved your "Spot" through enormous tolls -
And they are still so vivid in everyone's souls.
Via untiring efforts, you achieved India's freedom and fame,
Nation was speechless and named you the "Father" of the game.
Your "moves" brought the everlasting glories on behalf of us,
So the world bows down to respect your deed without any fuss.
Your innocent smiles stirred up the hearts of all,
And we will remember you always without your call!
Your soft unspoken tender love and glittering eye -
Shine at our "own" motherland and never say good-bye.
Your courage was awesome, in the tales it can be found -
And supports are still pouring in to make us spellbound!
You never gave up your efforts and had unlimited patience,
'Cause Lord gave you His strength to exert your persistence!
You won the civil war for us from the mighty British rule -
And freed our India through non-violence, your "magic" tool!

>From us, today, you are wandering freely far far away -
And offering us lessons while keeping your mind at bay.
Your strength and the struggle for truth are felt everywhere -
Around the globe, in ocean, in soil and in open atmosphere!
Be assured that your memories will be with us at all the time,
And direct us in the darkness and even when the winds chime!

Today, we float our hearts immersed in dew moistened tear -
To display our close affections for you without any fear.
We will follow your glorious paths with blind folded eye,
Without any set back or hesitation and uncompromised vie.
Remember, our hearts now cry alone in daylight and darkness,
But vividly remember your tender love with natural harness!
The whole world has neatly placed your name in concrete stone,
And we are so blessed with each and every touch of your bone!

Before conclusion, we love to say this,
Although it's very very true, as it is -
You shine like a viable "Rising Sun" in the far East,
So bright, so gentle, and so polite to say the least!
The aspects of your glorious life are simple and straight,
And remind us old reminiscence even after the "sunset"!!!


More By  :  Hillol Ray

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Comments on this Poem

Love is the Alchemy!

Uniting people of a nation following heterogeneous culture
Indeed is an impossible work possible only by a rare, great
Charismatic leader like Gandhi, who followed the means of
Nonviolence, a form of love to get independence for India!

Love is a kind of alchemy that only can turn even a baser
Metal into gold all are eager to grab if offered in public;
Such a feat only a mahatma like Gandhi can do in the world
Feel many a charismatic leader in the world even today sure!

Even for melting a stone of heart into nectar, a divine
Personality like Buddha or Jesus or Gandhi is needed in the
World as they only have the heart, mind and soul dedicated
And devoted to sway all by love that we all have to learn!

Total dedication and sense of sacrifice to the extent of
Do or die kind of resolution is needed to do great feat of
Common cause to unite and take all people to the route to
Achieve greatest benefit reasonable and justified by love!

T A Ramesh
13-Jun-2021 02:36 AM

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