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I dislike severe Islam, its hatred of other faiths, sects and readiness to kill
in the name of Allah, fills me with loathing. I dislike evangelic Christianity
its readiness to kill for the lord and its hatred of other beliefs. My view,
if hated, does not get me into trouble. It is only when I express my dislike of
Zionism I’m called an anti Semitic poet and find my page in Wikipedia has
been eradicated. Many Israelis feel having built tall walls they are safe, not
seeing it is the wall that has made then prisoners that can only make them
more enslaved. There is no such thing as a Jewish state, it is anomalism
that cannot exist. But there is an Israel where Jews can live when they
become true easterners and throw away their security blankets they lug
around, the passport telling them they are French, or English, American
or whatever suits the purpose. It is time for The Jews in Israel to declare
their allegiance to Israel and accept they are not Europeans but belonging
to a Semitic Israeli tribe that has no monopoly on power.


More By  :  Jan Oscar Hansen

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