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Fear Fear Everywhere!

'They' different to 'Us'
'We' different to 'Them'
'They' separate from 'Us'
'We' separate from 'Them'
'We' afraid of 'Them'
'They' afraid of 'Us'
'We' hate 'Their' ways
'They' hate 'Our' ways
'We' say :
How dare 'They' build 'Their' mosque?
'They' say
How dare 'We' build 'Our' temple!
'We' scared
'They' are out there to get 'Us'
'They' scared
'We' are out there to get 'Them'

Fear, paranoia everywhere
Trust nowhere to be seen
Where's it gone ?

Oh! I remember where
We gave it away to our leaders
Who tore it into pieces and threw the shreds
In the polluted river of Ganges
And ever since
have been hatching their hideous plots
Spewing venom, spreading poison
'Us' separate from 'Them'
'Them' separate from 'Us'

Always making sure
There is
Fear Fear Everywhere!


More By  :  Meenakshi Madhur

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