Theme: Realization

The Stranger within Me

Unwanted, unseen, like a dry fig leaf,
I float through the air over glistening stones.
Sometimes, I scorch in the burning hot sands,
Sometimes, night fills me with chill to the bones.
Unneeded, unsung, unheralded, unheeded,
Like a storm-crow I portend my own destruction.
Grey-hames know what grey-hames say
I am unaware of my own destination.
Looking for me within myriad myselves,
Like a ribald rover remorselessly rebuked,
My life hangs on the sceptre of me
Unsewn, unbuttoned, unplugged, unhooked.
Like paint peeling of a decaying mural
A recluse I live within crumpling walls.
Hoping for me to be me,
I live Encovered with cloaks deceitful and false.
Like an impostor who dupes the world with his lies
The sinister I masquerades as many me's.
Undecided between being and unbeing,
I be whatever the world decrees.
The lies I tell to me are false,
I know my guilt revels in me;
Wanting to hear what's best left unsaid,
What I am, I choose not to be.
Listen to the flute, how it cries,
How it sings of separation.
Separation of the self from the self itself
Like two strangers since the advent of creation.
Contrarian, contradicting, like sworn enemies
We are conjoined twins, since birth together.
The stranger within me tries to lose me
I try to lose it, we complete each other.
Like the like poles of magnets longing for each other,
Hoping against hope and never together.
I try to be me but I don't let me be,
A catamaran in rough stormy weather.
Like the six blind men of Hindoostan,
An elephant who couldn't comprehend;
Self realization never dawns on us,
Its our own existence we don't apprehend.
Harsh opprobrium or effusive praise,
I plead indifference to elation or beration.
I am the spirit of the soul set free;
The unknown in an indeterminate equation.
Beyond this world of right and wrongdoing,
There is a world where I shall meet me,
And sway like a mystic drunk on your love,
Hidden from the world, just for you to see.


More By  :  Tauseef Warsi

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