Theme: Freedom

The New Man

The new man is untying the chained feet!

Enthusiasm of healthy ages’ power is increasing intense,
To make the enslaved life free,
To inhabit desolate, demolished houses again,
To move, piercing the darkness of past ages!

The voice from the walls of shaking castles,
Seized by fear as if lightning is just to fall,
The time-worn society of exploiters is near the extinction,
Certainly, rich cannibals can’t live anymore!
The world resounds with the steps of mass power,
The weak enemy’s heart trembles every time,
Look, the blocked path is opening,
No sharp edge left, the sword of feudalism is rusted!

Truth came to the fore, victorious is faith,
Desired new age near and past vision disappeared,
Don’t preserve any more the missed, unfulfilled desire,
The horizon of world reflects the new picture of man! 


More By  : Prof. Dr. Mahendra Bhatnagar

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