Theme: Change

The Gale

Making great tumult arose a gale today,
From horizon to horizon spread a gale today!
The ocean laughed loudly watching that,
The whole creation trembled, annihilation-fear filled!

The ancient mansions fell stumbling,
Quivering wind blew very fast!
The hidden sun seeking refuge,
The trembling, world became dreadful!

Overflown with new zeal the wild-forest river,
Swelling with new zeal the wild-forest river!
The storm of youth will not stop,
Firm to make a story new!

Impossible that age old obstacles stay,
Its flow never becomes slow!
Never intercepted, great potential,
Rebellion redness will never become dull!

The kites are down continuously,
The dark clouds are gathering!
But, swelling heart on the path alone
Advances struggling ceaselessly!

The steady youth of the powerful era,
To change the world is his sole desire!
Removing obstacles he moves on,
Flowing the river of peace, he is setting out!

The only visionary of revolution,
The only creator of world history!
His strong free large arms,
Will turn the wind with young blood!


More By  : Prof. Dr. Mahendra Bhatnagar

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