Theme: Awakening

The Hurricane

The east has the hurricane of new awareness today!
The eternal faith holds firmly the human heart today!
That’s why the compact fort of the foe
Faces the rage, roar, and challenge of the strong winds,
That crushes the fort parapets, domes, strongholds to ruin!
The emerging force can’t be suppressed,
The flames of revolt can’t be extinguished!
The hectic struggle of new man waves a new life all round,
That can never be blotted out!
Surrounding the sky whose sparks shine and fly,
With its heat hard blazing iron chains turn and twist!
Dark dense clouds gathering up in the skies!
The heavy rock on which rises a wall invincible,
Buried the carcasses of wicked wolf and vagrant robbers
Will not move.
The proletariat will survive
For, the intensified hurricane governs
The awakened heart of the East!


More By  : Prof. Dr. Mahendra Bhatnagar

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