Theme: Awakening

The Indifferent from New Man

New Man!
I have something to talk —
The talk of
that numberless
men, women, old, young
of my class
want to ask you today!
The talk related to life,
better than today —
New, happy, lovely life!
The talk, on that day,
I remember, stayed on lips
As the rival assault, in struggle
hurt the whole of you!
But, you had faith
in the bright future,
You had
the history of human strength,
the scene of victory
sprung up in your eyes!
The love down Attics
spread on the wounded earth.
That’s why
Piercing the clouds of suppression,
Dispersing the terrific dark of adversities,
You, the New Ray,
get honour
from the world
And carry it on the progressive path!
Near the destination,
Near the shore
The heart of Dawn throbs!
Surely, I believe
your intention,
Only the matter is :
What New World
will you make?
I, too, have
a picture of a New world of colours,
I too, have
'labour-pains’ for changing the world!
Seeing that,
will you keep pace with me?
Till now
detached, uninvolved,
far and indifferent,
I kept from you!


More By  : Prof. Dr. Mahendra Bhatnagar

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