Theme: Challenge

New Direction

Deadlock everywhere,
Obstructed path,
Worthless concept losing relevance,
Primitive traditions
like ‘Wall Of China’! [1]
How to climb?
How to cross?
By the mythological morals, beliefs,
dead, narrow out-dated thinking,
concepts, bygone,
foggy imaginations
will ever win?
will ever see
your aim becoming true?
In the changing world
researches of science increase,
New means,
new mechanization
promoting inventions at every moment!
Give challenge
to elevated Pamir [2] — ‘the roof of the world’,
Lofty Everest,
Deep Pacific Ocean,
Many planets and stars,
Bright remote moon,
with the noble sublime ideas,
take in their command every time
and are going ahead nonstop!
Oh, fulfilled now
all desired dreams — unbecoming!
and open the eyes
before the spreading new light!
Then use and enjoy each commodity!
You are a human
With the treasure of power and wisdom,
have all human rights,
blessings of progress,
pride of insuppressible might!
Your target —
to break with
the chord of old-fashioned life,
which melodious sound produces not!
How much corrections possible?
All anger is futile!
Walls shaking
from the foundation,
fall down surely,
When storms
start from the horizon
will certainly be surrounded soon!
You have to leave
your all cravings.
Close the well of deterioration
full of darkness,
Revolt with crashed attachment!
Illusion of false dream stand,
Worthless, dim and exhausted shadow of void
Has no attraction at all !
Useless !
Oh, even murderous!
Be alert
Or ruin certain,
Stand like rock,
Or your mission defamed!
and stop the storm,
Or manhood and patience fall today!
Fear not,
Before you
the new age roaring!
With the vision
of the coming strong and grand world!
Fierce voice of masses echoed today,
That doesn’t want the least
the rule of the crown anywhere!
Overflowing flood
of suffered, distressed, exploited proletariats,
utter sky-humming
this forceful slogan :
“We have to build a new world!
with no sign
of dead repulsive capitalism,
All dictatorship will be dragged away
from the world!
the world will breathe
on the path of socialism
the breath of happiness!
Filled with the hope of new life!
The barren land will be fertile!
will remove the hurdles of sufferings,
Enthusiasm of work,
will bridge ditches of inequalities!
The new awakening will destroy
all ancient
forts, walls, doors, and clefts !"
1.  A historical ancient wall in China.
2.  The highest plateau in the world, situated in Tibet. 


More By  : Prof. Dr. Mahendra Bhatnagar

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