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The Poet and the Age

This is the history of
destruction, lamentation,
obstructed ways
from brotherhood!

Looks a mockery
of Culture, Art and Civilization!

Satan, in the guise of man
exploits violently!
Feelings of love and affection vanish!
Increase rapidly
on each breath
age long hungry persons’
scorch life’s cries
fatal like poisonous gas!

T'is a picture of cruel death !
Full of destruction
cruel mortality,
of deep dark
Devastated like ‘Andman’1!
Sharp shivering song of death!
All ideals stumble
Putting out the knowledge-lamp.
Man wants
to see the world
in darkness dense!
Because his uncountable sins
how and who will be able to see ?
In the name of peace, pleasure,
and order
He will usurp
the world!
The greedy! fights,
and destroys the flourishing fields!
Sweet life!
Humanity is putting an end to itself,
As if
God does ‘harakiri’! [1]
Dim is the golden splendour of life,
The world became cursed blemished!
But you need not worry a bit,
Have patience, feet static!

Get up you poet!
and make a world
where happiness shares sorrow,
Unbounded life’s raptures go flowing,
Carefree days and nights be passed with love,
Of all — labourers, poor
without hindrance!

Give the message of new age!
Give guise of Man to man!

[1] Suicide — in Japanese language.  


More By  : Prof. Dr. Mahendra Bhatnagar

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