Theme: Woman


Oh dear
Beloved, daughter
Mother, sister

On cloud nine
or a bed of thorns
the floodgate opens
before you regain
your breath again
man closes his window
and snores

Deep down
in the body within
race for life
in full swing

Millions of beaus
fluttering their tails
compete fairly
for the lonely princess

The better half
sits pretty
with half life
and full nourishment
winks to itself
to wait patiently
for the best

The best of man
makes it alone
one in millions
the fittest specimen
wins the life

The life finds a heaven
inside the oven
everything first rate
in the ideal climate

It kicks ‘n’ turns
sleeps ‘n’ drinks
and makes merry
without complex
free from worry
brave though alone
happy ‘n’ content
pure nourishment
the magic potion

The waters break suddenly
signaling the end of bliss
time to descend
and the good-bye kiss

The bloody battle
for the birth begins
pain ‘n’ more pain
for the mother it brings

A birth, a rebirth
with a sigh of relief
collapses the mother
and sleeps
a faint smile
on her parched lips

The duality of women
pulling now, pushing then
moody girls must perform
many functions one by one

The twin hemispheres
to capacity filled
with mother’s milk
nipples ready
for the child’s lips

Great lovers
mother ‘n’ child
waking, sleeping
looking, sharing
fuming, fretting
smiling, enjoying
the perfect bonding

Wise girls
take the tip
from the tiny egg
exercise their power
and select the best partner
for better ‘n’ for worse
the man they can trust.


More By  :  Anand Rishi

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