Theme: Introspection

Reflection after Oslo

Summer fjords and inland lakes, forests and clean air.
Prosperous, the kingdom and future was bright, then
the killer struck and darkness descended.  Why us?
We are peace loving people, we are democrats and
embrace multi culturalism. But from the dark depth
of Europe’s soul, there is a cry that cannot be stilled.
People who feel they have been invaded by an alien
culture and feel they are losing ground (they are not)
that only violence and war can restore the old order.
Can you stop a tsunami? No, but you can build higher
seawalls. Can you stop an earthquake? No, but you can
build better and stronger houses and go on living.
Yet I fear an Armageddon, the world is changing and
a new and better world order is arising, if we cannot grasp
this, the west will sink into anarchy and bloodshed.  


More By  :  Jan Oscar Hansen

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