Theme: Perspective


The clean night air sips the dying light
The world sinks in the consciousness of night.
The lamps smoke out oils of mirth and joy
At the broken turn of the street.

I knock at your door 
You wait for me with a benign smile
I take you in my arms and go we
To the distant horizons
To the edge of seas
To the depth of emotions
To the core of hearts.
You are happy and so am I.

We watch the sky tanned with stars.
We lie on soft tuft of grass
The moon smiles, the rim shines
We kiss in the rain of love.
I take you to evening tea.
We have a slice of bread,
A slice of breached manner, 
A piece of cake.

Genteel movements impregnate us,
As polished as brimstone.
After a brief walk we retire
To your abode. We go apart,
Our hands shake and come back to us 
A spell of laughter dying
Out in those shaky flames.
It is tuesday today, your words ooze out
I sport a vague smile.

Tuesdays are same as any day
Look they upon each other as a mime of time.
The night pulls out a satire laugh
the stars fall out of places.
You come running down like a flashing memory
Which befriends an old man in his death sheets.
It only comes, stays and stares; touch it and it
blooms into a dream.

'Do you mind my coming near?'
I grip my mind to a stalking lie-
'Smiles the night, winks the leaves,
Snaps the emotion when you are beside.'
You clasp my mind, smoothen my hair
talk a thing or two, I am reluctant to hear.
We part again, in high reverence,
You with a smile, I with mine.

Tomorrow is another day,
Another name
Another place
Another time.
One and all are sulky prefaces
Destined to meet thee.
Tuesday, you come everyday,
Peep and steal our lives
voicing your stay.


More By  :  Nibhrito Dabanol

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