Theme: Posterity

Dinosaurs Live for Ever

(The Creation)                                           

God created on the day six
With Adam and Eve                                          

After Adam’s sin                             Periods of the Earth
God sent all to the Noah’s Ark        Trisssic, Jurassic, Cretace
Sparing the big-sized.                      Lived on Pangea


(The Dinosaurs)

Land-dwelling reptiles                    Brachiosaurus
Evolved from archosaurs                Four-floor house tall small as duck
They were bipedal.                         In Jurassic time

Used Vocal chords                         The carnivorous
Visual cues to warn, fight               Ate dead mammals or dinos
Like mammals to-day                     Some ate plants, flowers.


(The Imprint)

Eloquent lesson                                 Extinct from the Earth
Overabundance of big                       But Dinosaurs are alive
Better not needed                              Well in our visions.

*When dinosaurs first existed, around 230 million years ago, the continents that exist separately today were all connected as one large continent referred to by scientists as Pangea. Dinosaurs existing for 165 million years, through the Triassic, Jurassic and Cretaceous Periods of the Earth. During these ages, the continents slowly broke apart through earthquakes, volcanic eruptions and other plate tectonic plate movement to form what would become the continents in our modern world.


More By  : Dr. Ram Mehta

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