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Fifteen Days

All was silent, in the court of men,
the verdict of the jury, was spoken...
for thirty years, life for him was fair,
the Hammer of justice, struck him to despair...

the men they talked, and a date was set,
the day when he would draw his last breath,
from this day, and in a fortnight...
his soul shall be freed, at the stroke of midnight...

in chains and cuffs, he was walked away,
his tear stained mother, longed for his stay,
at his wife's breast, his smiling daughter...
would face this world, bereft of a father...

alone he stood, in the halls of the damned,
cold to the questions, of the guardsmen,
into a cell, thrown like a beast,
the sinner's home, for the fifteen days.......

(In 15 days...)

he rose at dawn, the last he would see,
the fool he was, still hoped to be freed...
the day crawled by, a lifetime's pain,
the last rays of the sun, his heart it stained...

The final curtains, of a tragic play,
walking the long road, to end of his day,
the mask of death, around his neck,
the fall of the axe, doused a life


More By  :  Tejus AG

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