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Expanding Universe

The universe, the astronomers opine,
is moving apart at a pace
no one can ever imagine,
objects once at a talking distance
are today strangers...

Stranger still is the mini universe
where an invisible embryo
just three dozen weeks after
steps into a new world,
his smiles fill the air,
his hands branch out
to hold the sun, moon and the stars.

His hands once chiseled a block of stone
to mould a majestic David,
he lifted a quill to question,
'To be or not to be',
led us to a world,
'where the mind is without fear'
and sailed across a wide ocean
a new world to discover.

He meditated in silence
to define, 'Who am I?'
and view beyond what
no telescope can ever see...


More By  : Dr. Kumarendra Mallick

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