Theme: Love


A thin thread so long and strong
Running all the way from heaven to earth
Like the Ganges; Holy and gorgeous
That graced the wrists of gods and emperors
And saved the worshipers from demons and wars.

A talisman Goddess Indrani prepared with all her divine power
To tie around the wrist of her companion Indra, the God of deities
To safeguard him from ferocious demons.
Sister Yamuna fastened the thread
To protect her brother Yamaraj the God of death.

God Vishnu abandoned heaven to save Bali,
The great giver and Vishnu bhakta
Srilaxmi ‘s holy thread round Bali’s wrist
Dragged Vishnu to heaven again.

Alexander the great was saved from king Porus’s power
For this sisterly signature offered by the former’s wife;
The rajput queen from Chittor extended the gesture to Humayun,
the moghul emperor of Delhi
that kept the invader, Bahadur Shah
away from the queen’s shadow.

Rakhi - weaved to please and appease heaven and earth,
A thread twining all borders into a priceless
Bracelet of love, security and trust.

Now Rakhi sells and buys
The sisters and brothers,
the cadres and groups,
the street Lovers
as well around cities, towns, villages and slums
Rakhi, holy like heavenly Ganges;
Unholy like polluted Ganga.
Choked with betrayal and social ruin
May this Ganges of relation survive and thrive
with common man to sail into heaven! 
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More By  :  Prafulla Sahu

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Comments on this Poem

Comment thanks sister for your sweet appreciation.have u any poem to share?.pl recommend .also read mine-the flag,may touch u too.thanks again

prafulla sahu
15-Aug-2011 06:57 AM

Comment A great Indian custom unknown elesewhere in the world, and that coincides with Fullmoon as a symbol of sacredness and pure love. Thank you, Prefull babu for sharing.

Kumarendra Mallick
13-Aug-2011 15:51 PM

Comment Hello Sir, I read ur poem.............its really awsome............We are just tieing rakhi in our brother's wrist but u have xplained the actual meaning of Raksha Bandhan, the holy festival celebrated by a brother and a sister by such a beautiful poem. I liked the last stanza mostly.

Swati Subharshini
13-Aug-2011 05:05 AM

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