Theme: Challenge

Don't Say

Don’t talk of fear to me,
Don’t talk incoherently today!

The heart is full of ambitious storms,
The throat sings of new salvation!

Tide of healthy youth flew in body,
Break the restrictions, said the strong heart!

What obstructions, it’s youth endeavour?
What hindrances, it’s youth awakening?

Dreaded conflict lies ahead,
The seeds are sown of revolution expected!

Society is bound at step each,
All have to endure fire today!

All have to leave lethargy,
Not to turn from duty today!

Burnt and decayed with fire of devotion,
Taking oath of each blood drop!

Sacrifice your life,
And fill the whole world with your love!

Spread the duty of humanity,
And you have to show the object of life!

Tell meaning of real life,
Remove the dark with the self burnt light!

The world, moves to progress of new culture,
Banishing with time the degraded life!

Put an end to deadly time, the philosophy of fate,
Each voice travels with new phase!

The youth laughs at infirmity,
Blooming buds indicate nectar to black-bee!

The deserted path of ruin is breathing last ,
It’s the awakening moments of creation!

The world awakes, you, too, keep so,
Lost in slumber do not be!

Don’t talk of fear to me,
Don’t talk incoherently today!


More By  : Prof. Dr. Mahendra Bhatnagar

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