Theme: Awakening

Morning Call

The eyes open
at the dawn of this new life!
Awaking collectively
people with the confluence of the sun,
With feelings of goodwill!

Coming from the heart
for the welfare of the world
like stars in the deep dark night
one after the other innumerable,
like golden brilliance of new life
happy divine blessings!

The eyes see today
burning fire of a new era,
Sparks of whose spread in the sky
of every village-forest-ocean-city!

Like a pile of grass
under flames
burning with booming sound
deceit, illusion, hypocrisy!

On whose bosom
occurs like illuminated light
galloping like rays new
turn of the age!

That speed of electric force, too
shakes behind!
Hurricane winds, numberless
stand paused amazing,
The simmering volcanoes of the earth
lava moved not a single step!
The clouds burst
thundering all destroyed!
The dreaded future of the world, too,
ran away with fear!

Sure —
It will never return,
Such an eclipse again,
will never torment
the sun, of the awakened men!

Oh! the voice blocked for ages
suddenly opens today
midst the din of the world,
The eyes open
with the dawn of the new life!


More By  : Prof. Dr. Mahendra Bhatnagar

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